Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{I've Been Reading} The Chrysalis

I kept checking out The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen and renewing it until I hit the limit and checking it out again. I couldn't seem to make time to read it, but the description sounded so good. A broke young couple buys a surprisingly affordable old house and the husband finds something in the basement that he rapidly becomes obsessed with. Oh, and they find out that they're living in the local murder house which explains that dark stain on the kitchen floor.

Books with scary old houses in them are one of my favorite things and The chrysalis was okay. Except for references to phones with flashlights and some other things that are definitely recent, it felt a lot like the horror novels I was reading back in the 80s.

I picked up An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good for the cover. How could I not? A tiny book made up of very short stories, it was a fun read. Imagine an eighty-eight year old woman with no family or friends who is going to get exactly what she wants out of life. That's Maud. Now imagine what she might do to the people who dare mess with her. Maud isn't particularly nice, but she's very entertaining. I suspect I'd be even more entertained if I'd read the author's other books.

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