Saturday, May 18, 2019

{Stitch Maynia} Goblins, Resorts, and Cats

Start #7 -- The Goblins (Cross Stitch & Country Crafts September/October 1995)

I've had this one kitted up for years. The original choice was some greenish linen but there wasn't enough contrast between the color of the goblins and the fabric. Or that's what I told myself, because these days I'm more comfortable stitching on aida.

Start #8 -- Grand Resorts on the Lakes (Cross Stitch Plus August/September 1991)

This is another one that I've had in my stash forever. I love the way the chart looks but I would never ever have decided to stitch it based on that photo. Hopefully I succeed in changing the colors to something I'm happier with. (There will be much less dusty pink and blue!)

Start #9 -- Riolis Furry Friends 

This start involved a couple of hours of gridding fabric. I got a little stitching done before I put it up at the end of the evening but my progress isn't much to look at. I can't wait to work my way down to the pile of books and the other fun details.

And there are four more starts, but I'm breaking this up into separate posts so the individual projects don't get buried in the wonderful chaos. I've also got progress pictures of the earlier starts.

Did I mention that this is fun?

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