Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Yarn Along} Grand Ambition

The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, in Bronzed Berry Stripes.  It was there in my box of sock yarn while I was looking for yarn for the pooling sock yarn challenge, but I had absolutely no memory of buying it, but when I was trying to find the pattern name for my Pets on Quilts entry, I stumbled across a post about shopping for yarn on Black Friday. Apparently, I bought this stuff in 2008 when I got the Patons stretch I've been using lately.  
It's a little heavier than the sock yarns I've been using and knits up more quickly. And I love the way the stripes flow into each other. It would be mindless knitting, but the yarn splits easily and I've struggled a bit with the heels and toes.

I just finished reading Grand Ambition by Lisa Michaels, a fictionalized account of Glen and Bessie Hyde's disappearance on the Colorado River. I discovered this one after reading Sunk Without a Sound, and I guess one book about the doomed honeymooners wasn't enough for me.

As I read, I kept getting hung up on what bits were fact and which bits were the author's own creations. Obviously, the facts about the time they spend on the scow were fictionalized, but there were elements of Bessie's life before she met Glen that I wondered about.

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Donna said...

Great sock yarn! I love my sock yarn to be a little thicker. It just makes the project go that much faster.

Unknown said...

I love that sock yarn ... actually another knitter blog I follow just finished a pair in the same yarn. I'm thinking I need a pair of these.

usagypsy said...

I have that yarn and love it! I haven't done socks in a while. Maybe I should plan to knit some up for Christmas gifts. Those books sound very good. That story has always intrigued me. I really enjoy a true life mystery! I will have to look for them for my kindle. Thanks for sharing!


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