Thursday, August 01, 2013

my door to nowhere

I love living in a house with quirks, even if it takes me a long time to notice them.

See our green door? It doesn't go anywhere at all. Inside the garage, the door is boarded shut and blocked by a built in workbench.

Part of me wonders why the previous owners didn't do away with the door entirely when they resided the house a few years before we bought it. And part of me is glad that it's still here, adding to the puzzles of our house. I love old doorknobs.

The house has other quirks -- Hubby tells me that the odd jog in the wall of the front room has an old chimney hidden behind it. Ventilation from the original kitchen, maybe? I'm not crawling up across the attic to check it out for myself. He also says that part of the original foundation is stone. I'm not going under the house, either. Not even if it might help me guess at which rooms are original and which were added on later!

Our last house had sealed off windows in the carport. Again, I've got to wonder who did it and why. The laundry room on the other side would have been so much nicer with some natural light -- even from windows overlooking Hubby's old truck. 

I love the little mysteries of why people did what they did, but boy I'd like some answers to some of them!


Laura said...

I love a house with history! Can you post a picture of the front?

Kathy said...

I live in an old house too -- we have several light switches to nowhere. And cupboard spaces that have no access to them. It keeps life interesting!

barbara woods said...

love your green door

Shauna said...

So much character in older homes. I love your green door!


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