Tuesday, August 20, 2013

skunks are nocturnal, and apparently they wear watches

I really have got it figured out this time. The skunk shows up in the egg boxes every night at eight o'clock. So if I want to get this weeks' baby quilt done this week, I'm going to have to work on it during the day, before he shows up to disrupt the household.
Having to work my quilting time in around the well -fed vermin's schedule is very annoying -- almost as annoying as realizing that the chickens have been laying eggs. Hopefully hubby can solve the problem tonight.

A couple of people have misunderstood me and thought that the skunk was in the kitchen. If there was a skunk in my house, I don't know what I'd do.  All I've had to handle so far has been a possum in the bathroom, and that was more than enough of a thrill!

Now can someone please explain to me why the vermin is so punctual? When we first moved into this house, a skunk came through under our bedroom window at 3am every morning like clockwork. Through the window, the smell would wake my husband up and he'd wake me up.  He eventually changed his routine -- either that or we learned to sleep through it.

This new skunk, though, is being more persistent.


Corn and Wine said...

I think most animals, like humans, are creatures of habit and will "make their rounds" about the same time each day. Have you tried nailing up carpet tacking around the place where the skunk is stealing the eggs? The sharp points would deter it. You may want to nail down carpet tacking to the entrance of your bee hives, too. Skunks LOVE to eat bees at night. They scratch on the entrance to the hive and eat the bees as they come to the opening. You can lose a hive pretty quick that way.

Jo said...

We shot a skunk out of our basement once. UGH. Thankfully it never sprayed.

Joanna said...

We had one spray under our bedroom window for a few nights, but he also made himself known during the day when we had contractors working around here, maybe disturbing his sleep. My husband spent some time googling how to get rid of him and found some creative ways, but fortunately the skunk left on his own.

Angela Smith said...

We had a momma and 6 babies under our window at 2 am. The dogs got them scared and they all sprayed. Hubby killed them got the tractor out and scooped up all the dirt and I (in my jammies) was leaving home. On foot. Lol. And very sick from all the spraying. Kids never woke up with all the shooting. The neighbors thought we had a war going on our little hill. Did I mention this was before we had ac so we had to have the windows open. Worst night ever!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Thankfully we are just plagued by raccoon's--I don't know what we would do if we had skunks too!


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