Friday, August 30, 2013

I've got new socks!

This is my fourth pair of socks for 2013, and the fifth pair will probably be finished tonight. In case you haven't had the pleasure of trying it yourself, it's hard to get a picture of socks on your own feet...

but they don't look quite right lying flat, either...

 Wool socks are more cooperative when it comes to taking pictures without feet inside them, but these are Patons Stretch, a blend of cotton, wool and elastic. Great for knitting with and wearing, not so easy to photograph unless your foot model is home and not busy with another project.

Maybe it's time I invested in a set of sock blockers.

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Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Those look so snuggly soft. I want some!

Anonymous said...

Your socks are beautiful! If you want to try making your own sock blockers there is a great tutorial.

Kymberly said...

I love hand knit socks, but they are such a pain to photograph. Yours look really cute.

Jazz said...

Awesome socks!

Here's my FO:


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