Sunday, July 21, 2019

Problems With Hedgehogs

The real ones are prickly and sometimes temperamental, leave sharp little quills for you to step on,  and require some specialized care (which is totally feasible, they're just not the same thing as hamsters or pet mice and don't believe anyone who tells you they're just as easy but cuter.)

My current problem is with the stitched variety...

I am SO ridiculously close to having this piece done. There's some foliage left to stitch along the bottom edge and some blue half stitches along the top that I skipped for some reason.

And there are all of  these little isolated stitches. I shouldn't have moved on to other areas without filling those in because they're going to be an absolute pain to figure out now. One spot in a sea of brown. Just trying finding that on the chart and then lining it up with the actual stitches.

We all know that most of those are going to be whatever shade of brown blends in with its surroundings...but for now I'm making the effort to get most of them right. or sort of right. Once I get that done, I can worry about back stitching the quills.


CathieJ said...

Having to complete the confetti stitches is the worst. I got into the habit of completing them as I go along for the exact reason you are dreading them. It is so hard to figure out what they are. Thank goodness you have a grid on the side. It should help. This is a very cute piece by the way.

Sarah said...

Your last comment on this post made me lol! I was just thinking fill in with shades of brown whose going to know! It is a very cute x stitch pattern though!

Karrin Hurd said...

Love the hedgehogs.

Debbie said...

Those hedgehogs are so amazingly cute. I can tell this has taken an incredible amount of time . I hope you will be able to finish it in the not too distant future!

Jenny said...

You are almost there, just those pesky stitches to fill in. Looking forward to seeing you prickly hedgehogs completed


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