Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Another Calendar Towel Project Bag

I made myself another zippered project bag from a calendar towel. This one was in a box of red cotton scraps from an estate sale  and the fabric isn't nearly as worn or faded as  the first one...which might not be a good thing because the colors are almost painfully bright. Would it be completely ridiculous to just throw a towel through the laundry every load until it fades? 

This bag isn't lined with fusible interfacing because I've only got a yard left at the house and I have plans for using it up and no plans to drive into town soon. Compared to the first bag, it has much less structure...but does a pair of socks in progress really need a bag that isn't floppy?

The proportions are also a bit off, but someone had cut the bottom of the towel...maybe to remove the year? It's always interesting to wonder what happened to my things before I owned  them. I left it wide to keep the trees and to keep as much of the stream as possible I cropped off the top of the church steeple. It seems like there's always some give and take with projects like this one. But I'm not complaining -- this is made from a fat quarter I got for a quarter at the thrift shop, a tea towel I found in a bag of scraps, and a ten cent zipper from an estate sale haul.

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