Thursday, July 11, 2019

{Antique Store Temptations} Going Out of Business

A couple of weeks ago I saw signs go up that a local antique store was going out of business. I love that shop, but almost never make time to stop because parking is a challenge and estate sales and thrift shops are more my speed anyway.  When signs went up saying that it was the last week, I circled the block in search of a parallel spot I could get the van into because I was hoping that somehow the oval baby picture might still be there.

The baby picture was gone, but everything in the shop was 80% off. That is the most overwhelming feeling, to walk through an antique shop and know that pretty much anything you fall in love with is financially in reach. It was a whole new challenge because what always keeps me in check when it comes to dragging home fantastic old things is the budget.

We could have had  this guy, the mascot from an old bakery.

I was extremely restrained. I bought a stack of original text Hardy Boys books for my middle son and the cutest salt and pepper shakers I can currently imagine.

It's probably the least practical salt and pepper shakers ever, but you know I'm nuts for old fireplaces and dollhouses and this thing ticks all of those boxes -- and cost me a whole two dollars.

I went back the next day and filmed a shop with me video, so you can see all of the things I managed to resist.

When I was editing it I caught a glimpse of the chair, buried under a huge stack of books. I'd remembered to check for the baby picture but walked past the chair on two different days.

When I saw that, it was Saturday, the last day the store was supposed to be open and almost closing time. I had no idea if the chair would still be there or how much it might cost. So I talked myself out of driving twenty miles after dinner just in case they were still open and it was still there.

On Monday I drove back through town on another errand. The signs were still up and the doors were wide open and we made an unplanned stop. This whole experience is improving my parking skills out of desperation.

The store was technically closed for business, but I now own a chair with a prayer to protect my house from things that go bump in the night and I couldn't be more thrilled. (I'm using old pictures here because it's still in the back of the van while I rearrange some furniture so it can live next to my fireplace.)

I hate that the store is gone but I love that I got my chair.

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