Sunday, March 31, 2019

I'm Making Progress on A Little Girl's Fancy

The dollhouse is my favorite part of A Little Girl's Fancy. It's the whole reason I wanted to stitch this chart. And it's making me absolutely crazy! 

All of the furniture is there, except for a vague picture over each fireplace, and I've finally put my finger on what's making this part of the project so tedious. The walls of the rooms are half cross stitch and the symbols on the chart are solid squares of color. Some of them are extremely similar to others. It's the same with the lines for the back stitching -- the same color on the chart can represent a few different floss colors and there's a lot of explanation to read to even try to figure out which is which. 

This same pattern is in a book I own (I'm stitching from a thrifted copy of the chart) and I'm hoping the colors might be clearer if I dig it out. Because this is getting more and more frustrating. If I can figure out what color to stitch the bedroom wall in, I can start to figure out what colors to outline the furniture with. 

Moving the project to a larger frame has made a huge difference. I can see more of the design and I'm not constantly shifting the fabric. This project has such big elements that to get all of the trunk, or all of the rocking chair, I'd have to readjust. That's a definite improvement.

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