Wednesday, March 06, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} I'm Almost Outraged

Outrage is a strong word, probably too strong for the way I feel about this vintage cross stitch piece. But I'm definitely distressed. 

Look at these pheasants... 

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?  The colors and the vintage feel of the picture and frame make me swoon a bit. They're in front of the cash register at a very nice thrift shop so I'm sure they'll find a good home with someone who isn't me.

I'm not upset over the fact that they wound up in the thrift shop to raise money for the local animal shelter. What has me outraged is what's been done to the back...

Someone took the time to label this with who made it, and the approximate date, and then someone took a sharpie and obliterated the information. WHY would someone do that? It looks like her first name was Rose and the date was 1960, but I honestly didn't try too hard to figure the rest out. With patience someone more determined could probably decipher more of it.

I wonder if the person who donated it decided to obliterate the name in an attempt to preserve privacy. Again, WHY?! It's not an address on a magazine label.  We hear so much about how we should label and date our work and then, sixty years later, someone does something like this.

Someone else donated a fully stitched Teresa Wentzler unicorn which they'd stretched  over cereal cardboard with packing tape. It was in a frame, but the glass was loose and sharp and I nicked myself a bit trying to hold it all together on my way to the cash register.

I'm more baffled by this ridiculous framing job than outraged. All of that stitching...that fantastic workmanship...and then they used packing tape?

The unicorn, which cost a whopping $1.47 including the broken frame,  is at my house now and I'll pass it along to a friend who holds cross-stitch related auctions to raise money for charity. It will find its way into good hands. 

I don't tend to make up angry back stories for projects that wind up in the thrift shop, but those pheasants really got to me.

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