Thursday, March 21, 2019

Exclamation Point -- a New LNS in Oregon

I found a new place to shop, and the best thing about it is that it's really close to home. Closer than I could've ever hoped for....I mean except for the old house where I had an LNS and a LYS within easy walking distance, along with Hancock Fabric and Michael's. I didn't fully appreciate that until a few years ago when I added up just how many crafting options were on our daily walk. Michael's and Hancock are both gone...but now Joann and Hobby Lobby are now closer than they were.

There was a lot wrong with that house and its location and I'd never want to live there again,  but it sure sounds attractive when I list out all of those shopping options.

The house we live in now isn't near anything at all, but I've suddenly got a fully stocked needlework shop on the way to the grocery store and that makes me more than a little bit giddy.

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Amanda Best said...

Lucky you! there is no where close here.


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