Saturday, March 02, 2019

We're Going to be Shooting Things Across the Yard...

Or maybe across the room. As long as they're not shooting them at me or at each other, it's all good.

I've posted before about my constant hunt for books with projects that will interest the boys. Rubber Band Engineer: All-Ballistic Pocket Edition: From a Slingshot Rifle to a Mousetrap Catapult, Build 10 Guerrilla Gadgets from Household Hardware by Lance Akiyama looked like a good possibility and, after reading through the electronic review copy the publisher sent me through NetGalley, I'm convinced that this is a book for us.

What do I love about it so much?

The projects use things that we have around the house -- and the instructions include a list of suggested substitutes. So if you don't have a long enough rubber band, you can chain several together. There are a lot of paint stirrers and paper clips and pencils involved, as well as duct tape and a hot glue gun. I've got those things and the extras I'd have to purchase for some of the more complex projects (if they're not already out in the garage or barn) aren't that exotic or expensive.

The book includes lots of clear pictures that show how the pieces go together and the projects range from very easy to what looks like a reasonable challenge.

There are tips for adjusting the trajectory and force, and suggestions what to search online to learn more about what's involved, like "The Archer's Paradox." 

This one looks like a great choice for our household.

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