Monday, April 01, 2019

Starting to Think of Projects for Spring

I'm starting to think of pretty new projects for Spring...and yes I know that a still life on black fabric with a wheel of cheese in the center has nothing to do with Spring but it's new and it's mine and I get to pick my own projects and stitch whatever I want. 

That light house couldn't scream Spring any more loudly if it had bunnies with baskets of eggs hopping down the path, so maybe they'll even each other out. 

There's a stitching group called Stitch Maynia and one of the things members do every spring is start a bunch of new projects. Fifteen...or nineteen....or thirty-one, depending on your particular level of crazy. I'm thinking about it. The problem is that everything on my "to stitch" list is big.

1 comment:

St. Anne's Sewdality said...

I"m amazed at how fast you are at counted cross-stitch! That Little Girl's Fancy is fabulous.


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