Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Back to....Something or Other

One of my biggest challenges has always been bouncing back from vacation -- or just a few days of unexpected chaos -- to our usual daily schedule. I'm very good at losing track of what I was working on before life got crazy. Sometimes it's still there starting at me when things settle down, but if it was in the bottom of a project bag, the odds of my remembering it were slim. 

The daily project tracker in my planner has been a life saver. Everything I've started since January of 2018 and not yet finished is there on the list. I may need to come up with a rule about when it's okay to stop moving things over to the new month, because I'm never going to be one of those women who finishes everything, but I'm finishing most things. 

This Week's List --

knit a skein of yarn into the Skoosh shawl
finish gridding the fabric for Beacon at Daybreak
 finish gridding the fabric for All is Calm
zigzag the edges of projects that need it

1 comment:

chrisknits said...

I try to use journals and planners, but I find I do better with it all electronically tracked. I buy the planners and a few months in I am slacking at using it. LOL


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