Monday, April 29, 2019

New Bandwagons to Jump On

If you've followed my blog for long at all, you'll have noticed that I tend to jump on bandwagons. Not all of them, by any stretch, but the ones that look fun.

Stitch Maynia is starting in a couple of days and I'm playing along this year. Cross stitchers start either nineteen projects (because it's 2019) or thirty one projects (one for each day of the month) or whatever other self-determined rule they decide to follow. Some are monogamous stitchers and work on one projects, some do a mix of WIPs and new starts, some do all new starts...and you can change your own rules any time you want.

I'm planning a mix of new stitches and new knits and probably some project bags. Thirty-one is the goal...but I know how my life is.

The Witchy Stitcher (she designed Home is Where the Horror Is, which I stitched last year) has a new mystery SAL with nine universal monsters in the rooms of a haunted mansion and I'm soooo soooo sooo tempted that I'll probably have purchased it by the time this posts. You can buy it on her etsy shop.

There are also those Target bags. They have a grid of holes which form squares, so of course people are buying them to stitch on. And buying them to resell at hugely inflated prices, which might be why there were none in our local store even before they went on clearance.

I stopped at the Target by Ikea while my daughter and I were shopping and not only did they have the bags, they had them for 70% off. I bought five, which seemed like too many...then I got home and the boys saw them and started putting in requests and it might not be enough. If I don't wind up stitching anything on any of them, it was still a good purchase since the entire state just passed a ban on plastic shopping bags. 

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