Thursday, August 23, 2018

These Socks Aren't Scary

I'm knitting up sock yarn from the depths of my stash and the only slightly stressful thing about it is waiting to see whether I can get all of the heels and toes from one partial skein of the brown yarn. If I can, there's another project I'll use the rest for. If I can't, I'll just use the second partial skein and the other project won't have brown heels and toes. It's quite possibly the least nerve-wracking thing in my life right now.

Signups for the Super Sock Scarefest (why can I never get that name right?) are open over on Ravelry and if you enjoy sock knitting and horror movies, this is the knit along for you.  It's a competition, but unlike Sock Madness it's super low key. You get points for being among the first five or ten to finish each pattern, or finishing at all before the year's knitting is over. And you don't have to knit every pair (or any of them) Last year was my third year participating and I finished two pairs. I meant to knit a third, but couldn't get through Suspiria or the socks inspired by them.

Personally, I only knit the socks based on movies I've enjoyed (or want to watch.) Or the ones that have neat patterns. Did I mention that this isn't an aggressive competition?

Wanna see all of my scary socks to date? I think the first of them was Le Manoir du Diable, which I found on Ravelry and what led me to the Scarefest in the first place.

Le Manoir du DiableThe FlyJack or Not, Charlie McGeeFaces in the Wallpaper, Convoluted Clues,  The Wicker Socks

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Susan said...

That's a lot of socks! Too bad you aren't my neighbor. You might be the one who could FINALLY get my brain to unravel the code for knitting!


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