Sunday, August 26, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} I Wish I Could Find More Like This

As long as we've got the time, we duck into at least one of our local thrift stores every week. It's a quick trip to see if there's anything wonderful lurking on the shelves...or at least anything interesting enough to talk about and maybe take a quick picture of. 

Now and then I find a needlework kit that makes me squeal with joy.  This one has everything I love...and the bird is making a nest in the crossbeams of the wishing well! 

I found a set of stools for the kitchen counter at my daughter's new place and sent her some pictures. That meant another detour to dump them on her porch, but it also took me past the thrift shop with the amazing vintage needlepoint.

Someone is going to love that pink mirrored dresser. The color is great already, but the paint is rough so maybe it'll get a makeover. I was tempted by the rustic clock, but not enough to check the price. I've still never seen one of the painted Mrs. Butterworth bottles that Katie posts about over on Non Consumer Advocate, not even after years of thrifting in Portland, but we found some overpriced plain ones.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I wonder what kind of paint sticks to those glass bottles. Are they still glass? What great thrift stores you have near you! Congratulations on your stitchery find.


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