Saturday, August 11, 2018

Green Grass

Everything is crispy and crunchy outside right now, so stitching away on this green grass makes me happy. The lawn around our house, which never gets watered or fertilized and successfully fends for itself, is always brown and dry in the summer and always comes back. But last night's news stories about dying trees have me a little more spooked than I was even a week ago. I hate losing trees. 

Her sock and shoe and everything to the left of her ankle are new since last week. If I get the grass and flowers done (along with her hair and her left leg) all that will be left is the dress.

I'm making progress! I've also got really obvious hoop marks this morning, but those should iron out.


lvkwilt said...

Such a sweet cross stitch pattern...can't wait to see it finished!

Susan said...

She's so cute, Michelle! What a great project.


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