Tuesday, August 21, 2018

As Deep as the Stash Diving Gets?

I've been looking at last year's finishes and my current projects and thinking that was was missing was a big full coverage piece. There are at least a dozen that I'd like to start, but that means gridding fabric and pulling floss and a lot of time spent on busy work before I put in the first stitch. 

Then I remembered that there were two full coverage pieces sitting in my UFOs. I actually mentioned Stonehearth Hutch in my very first blog post...and don't think I've picked it up since. If I did, I didn't mention it by name. 

Looking at it now, it's probably my least favorite of the Thomas Kinkade cross stitch patterns that I own. I'd forgotten about it completely until I pulled out that box of UFOs a few months ago. But I'm three quarters of the way done. It makes sense to put in a few hours to finish the thing, right?

I think something might have gone wrong with the door and that's why there's unstitched space there. But those memories from thirteen or fourteen years ago aren't terribly clear. I guess I'll figure it out once I start stitching on that part, right?

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Susan said...

I like it a lot, but I don't know what other Kincade pieces you might have. 3/4 finished sounds like finishing is a must, and very within reach. As for the door, just stitch something and no one looking at it will have any idea if it's the same as the original pattern or not!


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