Sunday, August 05, 2018

(Don't) Buy the Best Materials You Can Afford

I've been hearing that advice again. It always ticks me off, but this week it's really getting to me because of this yarn. 

I bought it at the local knitting shop. It was $19.50 a skein. Maybe it was on sale, but that shop never had sales so I'm kind of doubting it. I bought two skeins and at the time it was a huge splurge.

Then I waited twelve or thirteen years to cast on because I'm afraid of wasting the good stuff. I've got two good things to say about this yarn. I love the colors and the way they look in my project. And there wasn't a single knot in either skein.

The pretty color and lack of knots are nice, but the yarn, an acrylic/wool/alpaca blend, is tearing my hands up. I've worked with softer Red Heart Supersaver and that's a huge problem in my mind. What did I gain by buying "good" yarn from the specialty shop?

Another thing that absolutely baffles me -- This yarn isn't listed on Ravelry, or anywhere else that I can find. There's no yardage listed on the ball band. What legitimate yarn company doesn't list the yardage?

Moral of this story...there's wonderful yarn and awful yarn and where you buy it and what you pay doesn't determine which was which.  (That super cheap acrylic I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and just used to knit Gramma's Hug?  Some of the softest prettiest stuff I've ever knit with.)

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MarneyMay said...

I understand what you mean. I buy what I like and can afford. I had a visit to Spotlight for the first time in ages, I am finishing a quilt and the backing fabric was over $22 dollars a mtr and I needed 2 mtrs, I also needed wadding InsteadI purchased a waffle blanket for $25, We don't have to buy the best when there are cheaper alternatives


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