Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Skeletons are Uneven

I'm starting new Halloween projects, mostly because all of my stitchy friends are counting down to October 31st and posting tempting pictures of all of the Halloween designs and fabric and I don't want to be left out. It's the good kind of peer pressure. 

I was so anxious to get started on Whoo's There? that I convinced myself I could stitch this one without gridding my fabric. I counted and recounted every row of stitches and don't have any idea where it went wrong...which means I can't pick out the offending stitches and fix it.

Not that I would pick out an entire skeleton. One side of the piece is a stitch off from the other. You wouldn't be able to tell at all except the borders weren't going to line up properly. Look just to the right of the floss bobbins and you can see what I did to fix it. Not symmetrical, but it'll work. It was either that or start over from scratch or abandon the project altogether.

I'll grid the next one.

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