Saturday, August 26, 2017

Convoluted Clues

It's time for the Super Sock Scarefest! I've knit several pairs from previous years and made it through the first pattern of last year before life got in the way. 

Pattern: Convoluted Clues 
Yarn: Drops Fabel  

This time the "preshow pattern" is Convoluted Clues, inspired by the movie Zodiac. I've never seen it and thought I'd watch it on Netflix, but the knitting went quicker than I expected.

There are rows of twisted stitches going up the leg, with different charts for the front and back. That's not something I've done before.  And I don't I've ever done toe up socks with a gusset and heel flat. I definitely haven't done this style of heel.

The socks fit,  they were a fun challenge, and -- probably most shockingly -- the twisted stitches and blue stripes of the yarn show up in pictures. I can't wait to see what they've got in store for us next. Do I cast on something new to work on for the next few days while I wait for another scary pattern?


colleen said...

Wow I was going to say I love your socks what size shoe do you wear But now that is less important the comment about curing all of everything that is wrong with me I think that is so spamming to do Pfishing on bloggers comments is just sooo wrong

Michelle said...

I'm a size eleven. Imagine how many more socks I could knit if I wore a smaller shoe size!

The spam comment you mentioned has been deleted. Blogger catches most of them, but now and then one slips through. I don't love that, but it's better than making absolutely everyone go through the awful word verification steps.

Dar said...

Those look great. that blue color looks very soft and the cross stitches do show up well. Pretty pair.

beatrice De said...

Seem you like knitting sooks !


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