Monday, August 07, 2017

Summery Cross Stitch

I'm positive that I wrote about this project a few days ago, with a different picture that showed less progress. That picture is over on Instagram, but I know that I wrote about all of the trouble I was having with the chart...and now I can't find any trace of that post. Not scheduled, or published, or hidden somewhere under the wrong date...

After another night of stitching, I'm getting better at this and feeling considerably less annoyed with the chart. Now I'm just annoyed that I lost, or maybe imagined, the other post. (Not the one where I complained about sorting floss, the one where I complained about the large chart that's too small to read even after blowing it up to 200%)


Suze said...

That's interesting how you marked yoor cloth. I have never done that. I just usually start stitching in the middle and go out from there. That way if for some reason there is not enough cloth (I've never had that happen), I would probably have the main focus of the picture. I'm self taught and as we all know - the cross stitch police are not coming to my house. Sorry that you are having difficulty with this piece. It will be beautiful when you are finished. You are doing a wonderful job. I detest kits for the fact the floss is included and, if I ruing some floss, I can't replace it. I've had trouble separating threads in a skein before. I've got your back on this one.

Dar said...

That will be beautiful when you are finished, but not in my lifetime! You have more patience than I to deal with a chart that is too small to read after blowing it up 200%! Do they really want people to buy their products if this is the way that treat them. You must be a pro at counted cross stitch.


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