Saturday, August 05, 2017

Crawdads and My New Chair

Today's summer fun PSA -- if a crawdad clamps onto the skin between your fingers and you leap around with it dangling from your hand, it's not going to let go. What it may do is reach up and grab your hand with its other claw. Repeatedly. And if you mom, who is smart enough not to pick up the crawdads herself, had hermit crabs as pets when she was your age, she might not be too sympathetic, but will help you pry the poor creature off. 

A few weeks back, I splurged on a new toy...

This has been the best purchase. (It was more than I wanted to spend, but after looking it up online the price I paid at Costco was less than half what they're asking on Amazon.) After four trips down to the river, I'm convinced it's going to its keep.

Once the weather cools down, I'll be taking it to the park so I can find a shady spot to read my book while the boys ride their bikes. Those park benches by the playground aren't at all comfortable.

I didn't realize until we set it up that it has a cup holder and a little pocket that's perfectly sized for my phone. And two zipper pockets on the back. I can keep it packed with our smaller beach stuff and not worry about forgetting anything.

This is like the jog stroller, a purchase that I put off for way too long because I was making do just fine with what I had.  Now my sons  can spend more time looking for crawdads and I can spend more time happily knitting under the trees.


mckie2 said...

Love the new chair and cup holder. So much more comfortable than those rocks. And it looks like you can backpack it where ever you are going. In my brain I always associate crawdads with Louisiana so wasn't expecting them where you are. Glad the kids are finding fun things to play with - heh!


chrisknits said...

We have beach chairs in Florida, but nothing that fancy. Of course between sand, sun, and sea water they usually don't last long, so we don't tend to splurge on them. But that chair, how sweet it would be for the beach!!!


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