Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting Ready for New Projects

It always looks prettier in the skein, doesn't it? But if I don't wind the yarn into balls, I'll never have socks, so it'll have to go through this awkward middle stage.

Two days after taking that picture, I'm thinking the awkward stage won't last long...

Looking at everyone else's pretty yarn pictures sometimes makes me suspect that I'm the only knitter out there who doesn't use a ball winder. I bought one years ago, when Knit Picks came out with their own line of knitting accessories. The swift gets used now and then, depending on what brands of yarn I'm knitting with and whether it even comes in skeins that need to be wound. I think I've used the ball winder twice.

I just don't get the love for center-pull cakes of yarn. There are probably some skills I'm missing that would have made mine turn out better, but wrapping it into balls works just fine and doesn't require making room in my sewing corner for another piece of equipment.

How about you -- do you use a ball winder?


Libby in TN said...

I remember my mother winding balls, using either my dad's two hands or the back of a ladderback chair to hold the skein. So that's how I've always done it (except the Dad part).

chrisknits said...

I can't stand my yarn bouncing and unrolling, so cakes all the way. I do them on my swift and winder for quick delivery, but also can do them by hand. Google a video and see if that helps. They really are not that hard to wind by hand. Love those colors!


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