Tuesday, August 22, 2017

At the "Big Ass Manly Sale"

The signs for the Big Ass Many Sale looked like they'd been written by a woman. My husband and I both had the same thought, but we were out for a drive and it seemed like it was worth a little detour.

Most of the stuff spread out on the grass looked appropriately manly...although I know a lot of female bloggers who would have snapped it up...

The ladder would have been tempting if we didn't have one just like it in the barn already.

So what does a woman buy at a sale like that?

A water bath canner that may or may not leak, and vintage crayons. (I'm on a quest for a Prussian Blue crayon and couldn't remember what year they were discontinued because it's not my project.) I wasn't looking for the vintage coloring books, not really, but the answer when I asked what he wanted for the crayons was "They're yours!" and then he dug out the old coloring books from a box under the table and threw those in too. I'll find a use for 'em. Or find someone who had a use for 'em.

Hubby bought some mysterious metal things, and I bought a wooden ironing board for five bucks. It was in great shape and my daughter only has a rickety metal one. (Cosplayers, unlike the rest of us, actually iron their clothing.)

And my husband bought the bike from the first picture. I didn't ask questions, because I was bringing home ancient coloring books and he wasn't complaining about that.

By the way, if you convince your husband that wooden ironing boards are hard to come by outside of antique malls, that apparently means you'll find a second one a day later, also at a pretty decent price. We left that one for someone else to find and love.


Rob and Monica said...

Ha Ha...big ass manly sale. We have never been to a sale described quite that way though "man cave" has appeared in several ads (Rob)

Lynda said...

take a look through those coloring books - you can get some great applique patterns and/or ideas for decorating children's rooms.

Ruth said...

I have a coloring book that shows all the stuff a man can do, and then the stuff a woman can do. His are all outside the home, hers are all inside and typical housewife.
I remember the complaints when Confederate Blue was discontinued - "how will we color the South's uniforms?"

Anonymous said...

I SO wish I could have found that second wooden ironing board! I've been looking forever and can't find one, and I really don't like my metal one much! What wonderful things we can find along the side of the trail.


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