Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Compass Socks

These may be my favorite socks ever. 

Compass Socks - KnitPicks Hawthorne

After spending way too much time trying to find the perfect pattern to use with this yarn, I decided to just wing it a bit. They're almost the same as the lace rib socks I've done twice already, but I added an extra line of knit stitches between the purls and that was just enough to make them a bit fancier and a bit prettier...

And did I mention that I could still knit the pattern from memory, so I didn't need to haul around a chart or written notes? I want to find more stitch patterns like that.

The lace pattern flows happily into the k1p1 ribbing. I'm not a fan of  k1p1, but it's going to make things this pretty and symmetrical I'll struggle through a couple of inches of it.

And I got the lace pattern centered across the top of the foot without having to jog it one stitch to the left or right. That would have worked, but having it centered it better. (Not being able to figure out how to center a 9 stitch lace pattern is why I decided against the pattern I'd planned on using.)

Did I mention that I love this yarn?


Suze said...

The socks are beautiful. I wish you'd post the original pattern name.

Dar said...

Those really ARE very pretty socks. Your yarn color is not my favorite color, but after seeing it in that pattern, I think I would go buy some and try it. It really shows up the pattern so nicely.


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