Thursday, August 03, 2017

Potluck Project Bag

Quilted Project Bag - Moda Potluck

I struggled with the placement of these fabrics. Some I adore and others are just fillers. It wouldn't be the best use of my precuts to only pull out the ones I love, not when I'm just working with 2 1/2" squares to begin with. So I fussed and fussed some more and got them all pieced into two panels.

That was the hard part. Sewing a zippered project bag is easy, even if I succumb the influence of Lier over at Ikat Bag and line it properly. And quilt the outside because if I'm playing with the fabric that's too good to cut, I should do things right. I'll like the finished bag more if it has some substance and holds its shape.

Zippered Project Bag - Moda Potluck

After all of that careful fabric placement and choosing the best thrifted zipper to match the yellows, can you see what I did? (Hint -- look at where the zipper is and which direction the prints are facing.) I didn't see the problem until I had the entire bag assembled and I wasn't about to rip out every seam to redo it. I keep hearing that we're not supposed to point out our mistakes, but if I can save one of you from sewing directional prints the wrong direction, I'm happy to share my embarrassment.


chrisknits said...

That's why I tend to stay away from them!!! But it's a cute bag all the same.

Dar said...

It all depends on which side of the zipper you are viewing the bag. If you have the zipper open and taking something out of it, the person who is watching you from across the table will see your cute little zipper pouch at the right angle.:) All is good.


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