Sunday, August 06, 2017

{The Row By Row Experience} One More Shop

Finally Together Quilt Shop, Lebanon Oregon

I hate to say it, but I'm losing my enthusiasm for the row by row road trip. It's too dang hot and my car is on its fifth summer with no air conditioning and I'm not about to drive the truck to new shops in towns I'm not familiar with and I've got a ton of other things going on right now. The Row by Row Experience is still great, it's just not working into my life as well as I'd hoped this year.

Tuesday's errands put me within a couple of blocks of Finally Together, so I stopped to pick up the pattern for their row. This is the third location I've visited this shop at over the years and it's by far the best. They've got a ton of sample quilts to look at and a great selection of fabrics and patterns.

I resisted temptation, but just barely and only because I still have new fabric from a couple of other  shops that I haven't touched yet. And it's close enough to home that I can always go back if that panel with the owls won't get out of my imagination. 


Dar said...

I hear you about losing your enthusiasm for row by row. I have bought kits over the years and have yet to finish any of them because of other priorities. Maybe things will settle down for you and you will get your mojo back.

beatrice De said...

In Switzerland, the choice in * merceries, when they are, is very poor. I went to Buenos Aires in spring. You go made with these cavernes d'Ali baba*. Photos later on on my blog. But on the markets in Lyon, France, they are some choice. In refeel my stock.

beatrice De said...

If you like so much patchwork, I recommend * chambre des couleurs*. Hight professionnel work. And beautiful reportages.


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