Thursday, July 23, 2015

Le Manoir du Diable Socks

My thirteenth pair of socks for the year, and they're appropriately spooky. The pattern, Le Manoir du Diable (free Ravelry download) is named after a silent movie from 1896, believed to be the first horror movie. You can find it on YouTube. It's only three minutes long, but I don't have the patience  to sit through the whole thing.

I made a couple of mistakes with this pair. The yarn is too busy to show off the stitch pattern...but they weren't hard to knit and I would've wanted more than just plain stockinette and ribbing for this yarn anyway. The eyelets are supposed to go all the way down the foot, but I got distracted and stopped paying attention to the chart.

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DaisyLiz said...

I've only knitted a few hats, but I have a hankering to try socks. Everyone says it's not that hard, but I just can't bring myself to invest the time to get started on a pair. Maybe someday - yours sure look cozy!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh they do look snuggly! I think I prefer the socks to the sound of the horror film - even 3 minutes is too long for me!

Elaine said...

sock knitting is something I really would like to learn

Judy S. said...

Nice work!


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