Thursday, July 16, 2015

Antique Store Temptations

I fell in love with a quilt last weekend. It wasn't hanging at the quilt show, it was folded up in a corner of a huge antique mall. 

As soon as I caught a glimpse of those state birds and that chocolate brown fabric, I wanted a quilt like this.  Not this quilt, because in addition to not having an antique shop quilt budget, I'm kind of partial to quilts I make myself. And I'm just about crazy enough to embroidery that many different birds.

Except, on closer inspection, those birds aren't embroidered. That's fabric paint like Great-Grandma used to do. Sure looks like embroidery at the slightest distance, doesn't it?

The bird squares looked like they had some age to them. The quilt felt like it had softened over years and years of use. But that quilting, rows of free motion hook-y wave things, looked recent. I could easily convince myself that maybe this used to be tied and someone decided to quilt it.

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tara said...

I bought an embroidered bird quilt top. It had been tied (I could see the puncture holes) and had it long arm quilted. Instead of brown squares mine have teal. Thanks for sharing!

Lorene Holbrook said...

Oh I love the quilt. over 30 years ago, my mother bought a state bird quilt and a state flower quilt. for about $30 each!!!! the batting inside was an old comforter, blankets no batting! they used the trichem or vogart pens to color the blocks. at this point the quilts need to be retired. they have been well loved. Mom's quilts have yellow blocks in the quilt. I love those quilts. I have repaired them several times for my parents. they are heavy and warm. Dad loves them. I have found patterns to redo these quilts. I have so many menories of them..... thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

I was in an antique shop a couple of weeks ago and they had blocks with those same birds on them. Some were embroidered and some were not. On some of the blocks the transfer was pretty faded.


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