Monday, July 06, 2015

Tumblers -- Little Ones!

I'm still working on spools and lozenges, but that isn't stopping me from thinking about Bonnie's newest challenge. I like tumblers.  Then she showed the ruler she's using and I realized that I could make itty-bitty tumblers. Because smaller is always more fun, right?

I'm picturing something like this (which I made in 2012 with the smaller AccuQuilt tumbler die), but with littler tumblers and a lot more colors.

Only two things are keeping me  from starting. It's way too hot to turn on the iron, and my ruler isn't in its package. I think I pulled it out last year when I was obsessing over Dresden Doilies....and nothing that I pulled out last year is where it should be.

Guess this is more proof that I should start finding it all.

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scraphappy said...

A list ruler sounds like an opportunity to organize. Hope that it turn up. Tiny tumbles does sound like so much fun.

Dar said...

I've been thinking about tumblers too, but I don't have any dies and sure don't want to cut them out with a rotary cutter. So, I guess I'll just wait until you find your "stuff" and watch your little tumbler quilt materialize.! lol

Bonnie said...

You think small, I'm thinking bigger! I too will be trying the dresden ruler to make the tumblers.


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