Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Things I Find in My Stash...

I've been up in my sewing room playing "What is this and why do I own it?" Sometimes I find bundles of vintage pillowcases that I've never seen before. Or yarn or fabric. 

This little needlepoint kit has been plaguing me for years. I don't ski. I've never been to Timberline Lodge. So why did I pick this up? (There's a hazy half-memory of a thrift shop in the early days of my cross-stitching passion.) Why have I held on to it for so long? I was never going to stitch it. 

A while back, I saw it again in the bottom of an old sewing basket and told myself that it should really go in the donation box.

 It wasn't until the middle of the night that I made the connection. The Timberline Lodge is the Overlook Hotel. Not my favorite incarnation of the Overlook, but haunted hotel needlepoint can't be a bad thing. I had to wait until morning to go up and make sure it was the right ski lodge.

And now I'm happily stitching away on The Overlook Hotel.

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