Monday, January 01, 2018

My New Year's Resolution

I am going to get my Janome fixed and working properly Either that, or I'm going to set up one of the vintage machines and learn to use it. Because this is getting ridiculous. 

It's been a year since I was able to free motion quilt on my machine. I've tried every trick I know and asked for help and nothing fixed the problem. Every time I sit down to sew, I wind up fighting the machine. Do you think that's why I've done so little sewing in 2017?  The knitting and cross stitch are fun and tempting, but I like sewing too. 

Last week, I made a thing and wrote a post, then I quickly deleted the post because my finished project was sad and miserable. (It did wind up on Bloglovin and apparently when you hit publish too soon it's there and stays there.) 

The plan was to make a thrifted piece of needlepoint into a simple zippered notions bag. There's absolutely no reason why that shouldn't have worked. 

The Janome disagreed. I swore at it and it beeped at me and came unplugged four separate times and the whole thing culminated in a broken needle. 

This would have been such a cute little bag if the layers hadn't kept shifting and the machine hadn't kept expressing its opinion. I love the idea of what this should have been enough that I'll take it apart and redo it.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Yes, you need to get it serviced to see what is going on. It's so frustrating to try to get a job accomplished and the tool to accomplish that job is not working correctly. I feel your pain! Your zippered bag will be darling when you can get it done!

Happy New Year!!

Dar said...

So sorry your machine is not behaving. Tell it to shape up or you will have to ship it out!
That little bag is a great idea for a "found" tapestry. I know you will get it finished eventually.

Lucy M. said...

You've inspired me to dig out my counted cross stitch again. I have never used a grid with counted cross stitch, but I want to start doing that because you mentioned how helpful it is.

Question---I can see that you grid your aida cloth---do you grid it 10x10---and then it will correspond with the grid lines already on most of the printed paper patterns? Or do you do some other method?

Thanks for any info you can give me! I enjoy your blog!


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