Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Kinds of Math that Quilters Do

The backing fabric I want to use is 44" wide and I need an odd number of blocks to make the top symmetrical...So how do I size the squares to make the nine-patch blocks so that will all work?

I got that part all figured out and now the question is whether or not I have enough of the light background fabric to make this quilt I'm picturing in my head actually happen. The other question would be why I'm starting a brand new project when I have so many other quilts in the works, but I can answer that. (It's not going to stay my quilt.)

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Dar said...

You did good to figure out how to make the blocks and get the size you want. As for if you have enough of background fabric --- why not pull several different fabrics in the same color family FROM YOUR STASH and then you will definitely have enough and it will add more interest plus the benefit of using your stash. You can tell I'm a scrappy quilter, right? lol


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