Sunday, January 28, 2018

Shawl Knitting in 2018

I've got yarn in my stash that was always intended for shawls. I've got yarn that was going to be sweaters but is now intended for shawls. I've got a Ravelry queue full of patterns and a shelf full of books and the occasional chills that come with taking blood thinners. 

I've also got a few skeins of brand new shawl yarn that I bought at the end of December, but I figure maybe I can alternate between that and the stash dived stuff.

What I'm loving about this yarn is that most of it has stories.  The Brown Sheep in the picture came from one of our family vacations when my husband drove us miles and miles out of our way so we could visit the factory store. The Bernat Frosting is yarn I bought at a knitting guild meeting after an elderly woman showed up hoping to sell some of her deceased sister's stash and was told that no one in the group needed yarn. (I caught up with her in the parking lot and gave her a ride home and made a tiny dent in the inherited yarn stash.) 

Out in the sewing room, I've got green worsted weight that was left over from my daughter's Slytherin sweater and I think there's a bunch of ecru cotton that was going to be the Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl.  It was there, unless I wound up using it for something else... 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle what lovely stories that come with your wool,lots of lovely colours there,i am also your newest follower hope you will visit me and follow xx


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