Wednesday, January 17, 2018

There Was Enough!

Sometimes, probably too often, I take wild leaps of faith when it comes to my quilting. I found this gorgeous piece of yardage in the fabric stash at quilt group and knew I wanted to use it for a backing. 

That meant finding fabric for a top. I already knew that I wanted  to do an Irish Chain with some simple applique...and there was a lot of blue available. The options for a light background were pretty limited. (Dar suggested finding something in my own stash, but I was spending the day with the quilting group and needed something then and there.

I wound up using almost every last scrap of that light print, but I got all of the blocks I need. At the absolute end, I realized that I could have pieced some of the little 3" squares, but it didn't get that desperate.

Now it's time to cut the applique for the light blocks. I've got more than enough dark blue...I think!

A saner quilter might have actually measured the fabric and done the math before cutting, but I don't work that way.


Ruth said...

Math and quilts? I've made some king size quilts, but always just winged it with whatever fabric I could scrounge up. This looks like it will be lovely!

Angie in SoCal said...

A wonderful project in the works.


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