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Let's Make Baby Quilts! {1/19/28}

If I hadn't spent time in the NICU with my two youngest sons, I never would have imagined how much those little quilts and handknit hats could lift my spirits. So often, we make and donate quilts and knits and don't know what becomes of them. So I asked some members of an online parenting group if they had memories that I could share with you.

Angel Coleman, who blogs over at Purely Unorthodox, was kind enough to share her experiences with us.

Has your life ever had such a surprising turn of events that you weren't prepared for? Most people have. A few life events for myself, that was both a blessing and terrifying was when two of my children, my son, and daughter were born at 31 weeks of pregnancy. I had vaginal bleeding, placenta previa with both of them and I ended up delivering both via C-sections.

Salina was my first preemie. She was only 3lbs and 3 oz. Even still my little preemie was strong and had a hospital stay of 3 weeks.
With Cayden, he was born at 3lbs 13oz and did well almost directly after birth. My little fighter as his name suggests, had a 2-week stay.

I had them both at University Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, and I was blessed to have them there as the care was amazing and the set up of the hospital was baby friendly as well as family friendly. Well if you don't know preemie clothes are hard to come by. Salina was born in the spring so it wasn't cold anymore, but Cayden was born in November. Having a preemie baby can be hard as you are often unprepared. My babies were two months early and I hadn't even had my baby shower yet. I had friends and family, pitch in with clothes, and honestly, it all meant so much to me. One of the things that really warmed my heart was the little-knitted hats, that was were given to them.

I remember when I was in the hospital with Salina a friend and someone walked into our hospital room with a basket of clothes. They were knitted hats and booties! They told us we could take what we needed and that they were hand knitted items for our babies. They were so cute! I took a bright pink and white hat, with a pom pom and a pair of booties.

With Cayden, I remember walking into his hospital room one day and he had on a little hat. I asked the nurse where they had gotten it from. They told me about a program that made little hats for the babies in the NICU. I remembered the hat Salina had gotten, and I smiled. His hat was so cute! He had a tiny little head and they had a tiny hat for him. I went back to the family room and got a few more. They try to keep preemie babies very warm, and it was so cool to see a cute little warm hat on him, and it helps them stabilize their body temperature, which is an important factor, in preemie babies.

It's so awesome to think, that somewhere in Ohio, someone sat down and took the time to knit a hat for the little ones in that hospital. Several that my own children got to wear. I pray that God blesses that little deed, as it meant a lot to me and my children.

I have one hat that I kept, and it was Cayden's. I was going to donate it but thinking about this story, I will keep it to show, him, how tiny and little he was, and how it helped keep him warm, so he could eventually go home! It really is the little things that can help someone. Thank you for the little things.

Check out Cayden's and Salina's Preemie story!
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AngelDust12 said...

Thanks for sharing!My story!

Angie in SoCal said...

My daughter's two sons were preemies - one 9 weeks and one 6 weeks - both weighed over three pounds, but needed oxygen. Both had to stay 6 weeks or til they got to stable and birth weight. A local group provided preemie quilts and they were so comforting for the babies and us because it told us we were not alone. They were such a blessing.


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