Monday, September 21, 2015

The Quilts I Grew Up With

Before I really fell in love with quilts and started quilting, I had some definite ideas about what "real" quilts were -- double wedding rings, baskets, and Dresden plates. There were some tied polyester quilts that Grandma had made for my sister and I, but even though I knew darn well that they were quilts (okay, technically comforters, since they were tied, but she thought of them as quilts) they sure weren't what came to mind when I heard the world "quilt."

There weren't any quilters in the family when I was growing up, except for Grandma and her polyester squares. That's in no way a criticism of her sewing skills -- her talent was for clothing, which she was absolutely amazing at.

We might not have had active quilters, but we had quilts, the ones that formed my understanding of what quilts were and how they should look. When Mom called and told me that she'd taken all of them out of the closet to air on the guest room bed, I headed over to take pictures.

And now I'm going to show them off to you. Each quilt deserves its own story, so starting tomorrow I'll be posting one a day until I run out.


TheEclecticAbuela said...

What a good idea--I had been thinking of doing a little of this myself. I look forward to seeing your quilts.

barbara woods said...

My sister had been quilting for 20 years before i started at age 70


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