Thursday, September 03, 2015

Catnip Socks

Someday soon, I'll appreciate all of these wool socks I've been knitting. I usually wear my sandals into October or November, but the blood thinners make me so cold I may have to dig out some real shoes sooner than I'd like. Honestly, my feet are the least of my worries. It's not even close to cold yet and our down comforter and heated waterbed aren't keeping me warm enough to sleep through the night.

This latest pair is Catnip Socks, a free Ravelry download by Wendy D. Johnson. They were the perfect way to use up a pair of mismatched skeins of  yarn. I'd been hung up on the idea that I'd have to alternate skeins until I saw this pattern and wanted green yarn for it and realized that I could do contrasting heels and toes.

That was so much easier than juggling two skeins every other row would have been. And now I've got a half a skein of the darker green to play with. I'm thinking that Barbie may need some handknits, and there are plenty of possibilities on Ravelry.

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Dar said...

Very pretty. I like the contrasting toes and heels. I'm cold all the time too and I can't blame it on blood thinners. I think I don't have enough insulation on my bones in the form of 'fat' to warm me up. Or I'm low on blood.! lol My DH is just the opposite, so you know who has 2 quilts on top of my side of the bed during the summer and winter.

Jo said...

Awesome..I just love these.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

They do look very warm and comfy and I love the contrast heels and toes. Maybe you need thrummed socks for deep winter to keep you extra toasty :)

Katherine said...

Oh, you will have cozy toes in these gorgeous handknit socks! Beautiful colour, too and perfect for the cool weather that has already started here.


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