Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Looking Back

Five years ago this month...

I finished piecing the top for Grandma's Donuts, which is still one of my absolutely favorite quilts.

I learned that unicorns go "bing" when they're fighting with their spiky things.

I bought fifty-one zippers for two dollars. Teenage Daughter and I have used enough of them to make it more than worth the price.

And that was apparently the last time I had the Janome cleaned and serviced. Maybe I should do something about that...

Ten years ago this month...

We were living down here in the new-to-us-almost-a-hundred-year-old-farmhouse and didn't have internet yet, so I was blogging a the public library, trying to herd kids and type at the same time. There weren't a lot of posts in September of 2005.

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