Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Went Back to the Thrift Shop

All weekend my thoughts kept going back to that sewing machine we saw last week. I'd told myself that I'd buy it if it was still there when the green tags went to 50% off.  I don't know how well it sews, but after seeing some vintage typewriters used as planters on Pinterest (gorgeous, but not anything I'd ever do to a poor defenseless typewriter!) I'd pretty much convinced myself that I could buy it just because it was blue. I don't have a blue sewing machine.

After I dropped Teenage Daughter off at work Monday morning, we swung by the thrift store. The machine was still there,  still only 25% off the sticker price. And now she's at my house because I refuse to feel bad about spending less on a sewing machine than a large Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger combo would cost.

Halfway home, I remembered that Great Grandma's sewing machine is a bluish mint color. So much for that excuse.

She's a Singer 338 and when I plug her in and push the foot pedal she sounds like a sewing machine should and the needle goes up and down. So far, that's all I know.

I'm even excited about the label tape. This little darling must have gone places!


Chiska said...

Yea! When I saw that you'd left it behind before I thought--No! It's so pretty!

Auntiepatch said...

I'm so glad that you went back! Did you hear me yelling, "Go back and buy it!" at my screen? Old sewing machines, like old quilters, should be loved and cared for.

CathieJ said...

The thrift shops by me don't have anything as neat as that machine. I can't even find fabric and yarn. Love it!

barbara woods said...

our thrift shop[s never have any thing good like this

Deanies Stash said...

I love the color of the sewing machine. xo. Dianne

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I'm in love with this sylish vintage machine....I mean you just got to love that color!!


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