Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{The Bed Turning} Flower Pots

I don't know much about this quilt. It came from my dad's mom's estate and we think it must have belonged to Aunt Molly. (That's her steamer trunk up in my sewing room.)

All of the flowers and pots are the same prints and the stems are embroidered.

What really blows me away about the quilt, aside from that gorgeous mint solid, is the hand quilting. Those circles add so much texture, and I love their placement and how they don't cut through the flowers.

It's hard to get good pictures of hand quilting and the individual stitches, but luckily this quilt doesn't have a white backing.

Be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon for the next quilt.

1 comment:

Val's Creative Life said...

I enjoyed going through all your "bed turning" quilts and I think this one is my favorite:) What treaures you have and I enjoyed reading about who made them and how long ago!


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