Saturday, October 19, 2013

{Whatcha Reading?} Doctor Sleep

When I saw that Stephen King had a new book coming out, and that it was a sequel to The Shining, I was dying to get my hands on it. Back in March, I placed my order with Amazon. The closer the book's release date got, the more I started to wonder how much I really wanted to read it.

The Shining is one of my absolute favorite of his books (tied with Pet Semetery and Bag of Bones, depending on which one I've reread most recently.) It wasn't the little boy that made me love that book so much, it was the Overlook and its ghosts. Reading about Danny as an adult? I wasn't sure how enthusiastic about that I was.

I reread  The Shining for what was probably the fifth or sixth time while I was waiting for Doctor Sleep to show up in my mailbox. Then I curled up with the new book. And instead of being bored, I couldn't stop reading.

There are echoes, wonderful echoes, of the Overlook hotel. And there are new things to be creeped out by. The book had me scared, but not of whatever noises I might hear late at night after I'd closed the covers and tried to go to bed. I was worried about what the author might do to his characters -- he's not as nice in his more recent books. 


Anonymous said...

I'm reading this too. So far it's excellent.

Jessica Hadden said...

Dr Sleep would keep me awake!


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