Sunday, October 06, 2013

{Kindle Freebie} Ink Red Dead

It was Ink, Red, Dead that got me started reading the Kiki Lowenstein mysteries(you can read about that little obsession in this post) and it's always been my favorite of the short kindle titles that make up part of the series. It felt more like one of the full length books.

Now the author has expanded and revised the story to book length. The price has gone up along with the page count, to the same price as the full length Kiki Lowenstein books, but that's not a problem because through Monday she's offering it for free.

I'm off to download the new version of the book and reread it. And I'm very happy with the whole Kindle-cloud-thing that lets those of us who've already purchased books to easily update to updated versions without paying for them a second time.

There's a new short out, Kiki Lowenstein and Too Much Squash, so it looks like I'm going to do some book buying this morning, too.

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