Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the last ghost...

A couple of weeks ago, the kids finally found the last ghost from last year's Halloween ghost hunt. He's been quietly haunting our kitchen for the past twelve months, hidden by the lace curtains about the sink. Then someone wandered through at exactly the right time of day when the morning sun was lighting up his little silhouette.

Yes, for those who question my abilities as a housekeeper, I did know that he was there. I don't take responsibility for those icky curtains. They came with the house and I left them hanging while I was making plans to knit a replacement set, then we wound up just living with them.

If you weren't reading last year when we had the original ghost hunt, you can find the details in this post. I cut a couple dozen white paper ghosts with my Sizzix Big Shot and hid them around the house, then called the boys in to hunt them down. It ended with them taping a ghost to the cat and declaring it "possessed."  

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