Friday, October 11, 2013

{Kindle Freebie} Group, Photo, Grave by

Where can I carve out a few more hours?

I have always got a stack of books I want to read.  Even if I'm not getting any reading done (and I swear there've been a few recent years where all I read where books written for children) I've got books ready and waiting. It's how I'm wired. Did I mention that I met my husband in the used bookstore where I worked, that I went to a library book sale when I was in labor with my second, and that the smell of old books makes me giddy? And somehow I'm raising kids who read more than I ever did.

These days, most of that stack of books I want to read comes from the library. About half of them get returned unread  because there's only so much time in a day and I do have to sleep at some point. I keep a list in my planner and I'll check them out again later. Reading is supposed to be fun, right?

This week, however, the stack of books is driving me nuts! I've got the new Stephen King novel, which I pre-ordered back in March. I've got the book that inspired a really weird but compelling movie Hubby found while he was flipping channels late on night on the trip. Because I really really want to read both of them right this second, I'm alternating between the two of them.

And then this morning I found out about this:

The new Kiki Lowenstein mystery, Group, Photo, Grave, is out and it's a free download for your Kindle Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12. The author, Joanna Campbell Slan, has a new series coming out later this month that I've been waiting to read...and then there's that stack of cozy mysteries from the library....

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