Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

The Blogger's Quilt Festival starts tomorrow over at Amy's Creative Side.  I can't wait -- the quilts are always absolutely amazing!

About ten minutes after I saw Moda's line of Nancy Drew fabric, I was stealing a  felt tip pen from one of my kids and sketching out a design.  I had this vision of the book covers scattered across the top of a traditional patchwork quilt...

I could see it clearly in  my head and I had my fingers tightly crossed that the folks at the Moda Bake Shop could picture it too and would approve my proposal. Luckily, they did -- my vision looks a lot better in fabric than it did in that first drawing.

I bought more yardage as soon as the fabric was available in the local quilt shop and it's turned up in several of my projects. I used those gorgeous book spines for a  tote bag, which I carry almost every time I leave the house. Some extra nine patch blocks went into a baby quilt. I made a camera strap and a sleeve for Teenage Daughter's Kindle and I've still got the last of it carefully tucked away. It's not too precious to cut, but it's waiting for a perfect excuse to pull it out. 

You can find my original post about Nancy's Mysterious Quilt (including the link to the pattern) here, and all of my posts about the quilt and the books and everything else here.  



Mary said...

Ingenious idea to use the book covers like that. Glad it worked out like you imagined it. Glad to see it on the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

CitricSugar said...

Very cool - and an interesting illusion... It looks like folks have just gone for a quick walk and are coming right back for an afternoon read in the sunshine. :-)

Riel Nason said...

That is such a great way to incorporate the book fabric. Love it!

Lynette said...

Oh, wow - Soooooo many hours of my youth spent with Nancy Drew. :D She was the ultimate escape. This quilt is super fun.


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