Saturday, October 26, 2013

{Whatcha Reading?} curled up under a quilt with some good mysteries

Last summer, I was browsing on Amazon and stumbled across the first two Myrtle Crumb mysteries, Between and Clutch and a Hard Place and When Good Bras Go Bad. Ever since I finished those two, I've been waiting for the third story.  Claus of Death is a fun read. The mystery is intriguing, but what I bought the book for is Myrtle's unique voice and personality. She's just plain fun to read about, especially while she's working as Mrs. Claus to earn some holiday money and solve the mystery of Santa's murder.

I loved the latest Kiki Lowenstein mystery, Group, Photo, Grave. There's a lot going on in this one -- a corpse is discovered at Kiki's mother-in-law's wedding, Kiki is forced to deal with a particularly nasty client, and more complications have surfaced from Detweiler's past...and once again the author has left me dying to find out what happens next.

Luckily, this time I didn't have to wait long! Killer, Paper, Cut was scheduled for publication today. Which means that, thanks to the whole wonderful phenomena of time zones, I was downloading it on my Kindle at 9pm last night and reading until 1am.  I only got halfway through the book because I knew I'd have to be functional today and really shouldn't be reading until dawn. I've still got that shirt for that possum costume to finish, the one that I didn't cut out last night because I was curled up in bed reading...  

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